BWF Envirotec PYROTEX KE Filter Elements

Start-up&maintenance guidelines of Pyrotex KE Filter Elements

Gianpaolo Giaccone, General Manager at BWF Envirotec, Italy Spa is glad to talk with FGKH about filtering ceramic candles and to tell us some effective guidelines.
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BWF Measuring Probe

Reduced Emissions with Filter Bag Efficiency Optimization

Gianpaolo Giaccone, General Manager at BWF Envirotec, Italy is glad to tell us how to optimize filter bag efficiency, reduce dust emissions thanks to a system for filter bags cleaning developed by BWF Envirotec.
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Cement Plant: The Green Revolution

We are at the threshold of major changes in our industry that will allow us to inherit a better planet for future generations. Cement professionals have the opportunity to be an active part of the "Green Revolution"
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dry sorbent injection - Flue Gas Know How

Dry Sorbent Injection – How to Remove Harmful Emissions

Emanuele Fratto describes Nol-Tec patented technology for dry sorbent injection, which allows mitigation of harmful emissions.
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